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G2calc is an effort to create easy to use but powerfull expression aware calculator for gnome environment. The g2calc project is started because gcalc lacks a few important features. And because g2calc author wants to learn Gnome/GTK programming. =) Instead of creating this separate g2calc project, it migh be wise to add these features into gcalc as a separate mode etc.

Most important additional features of g2calc:

Screenshot 1: Expression calculated


Screenshot 2: Declaring numerical variable:


Screenshot 3: Used numerical variable and set the output to hex:


Screenshot 4: Calculated expression with numbers of

mixed base. Additionally the output base is set to binary.


Screenshot 5: G2calc detected an invalid expression:


Screenshot 6: G2calc with a custom theme with highlighting



Author of g2calc can be contacted from email address: sampie@ariana-dsl.utu.fi

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